There are eight Iconic Sheiks from Africa. Sheik Ahmed Tijan of the Tijani Brotherhood, Sheik Malik Sy of the Tijania Brotherhood, Sheik Ahmadu Bamba of the Muride Brotherhood, Sheik Ibra Fall of Baye Fall, Sheik Muhamadu Laye of the Layen Brotherhood, Sheik Issa Laye of the Layene Brotherhoood, Sheik Abdul Qadir of the Qadiri Brotherhood and Sheik Abdul Razzaq of the Qadiria Brotherhood. 3i thinks it is time for these eight Iconic Sheiks to own the world.

Eight Iconic Sheiks

The world will be subjected to the most stringent test of endurance and integrity, being "Dieuf Dieul" or "You Reap What You Sow". The world will be taken down to the depths of psychotic denialism that says, "No, we are not owned by this Sheik" and the world will be conquered. Each Sheik has been given a young man to help them control the world, but each Sheik is on his own against the world. Whatever the world offers up in bribery will be cast aside as these eight Iconic Sheiks have no corruption nor any need for corruption. Whatever the world offers up in pitiful pleas for clemency will be disregarded and the world will be mastered. The purpose of this 3i Project is to see which of the eight Iconic Sheiks fares best for in the end there can only be one Iconic Sheik whom is master of all. If this frightens you please do not delve deeper into this site, 3i Projects are not for the weakly constituted or for the quivering soul. If 3i's calculations are correct, the world will answer to these eight Iconic Sheiks of Africa.