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International Industrial Inventions


3i will be a catalyst for the creation of sustainable businesses that add value to the lives of ordinary people. 3i will engage with like-minded people to further the objects of a free society that is based on opportunity and vibrant competition. 3i will invent and develop new businesses based on the needs and demands of the free market. 3i will be at the forefront of technological and communications invention and will sow this advantage into its client businesses.


3i is driven by the need to solve problems that exist as a result of reckless governance and irresponsible planning. 3i is imbued with the knowledge of Avishkar is Invention and will utilise this position to its advantage. 3i is designed to be a force for good in a world that has become so cynical that equality of opportunity must be hard won. 3i is determined to bring about radical change in the markets that it operates and in the lives of the people it involves.

  • Freedom Opportunity Responsibility
  • Liberty Dignity Privacy
  • Diversity Utility Fulfilment
  • Subsidiarity Innovation Transparency
  • Radical Progressive Diligent

3i is for the people of the world and the people of the polyverse

International Inventions is for the future of humanity wherever that may lead

International Technological Inventions is for the planet which needs protection

International Communications Inventions is for the here and now

How do we work?

We start by defining a problem that exists and by identifying the root cause of that problem. We proceed to invent a solution that satisfies the demands of an open society, free enterprise, market economy and the rule of law. Then we distil this invention into a company that can be developed sustainably to the point of profitability. We next look to private equity funders and investment funds to take the client businesses further towards an IPO and a public listing.


Employment Policy

Avishkar Govender, the founder and creator of 3i and all of 3i's invested companies has decided to only engage with students and graduates of the IMM Graduate School and the NewBridge Group (NewBridge College and Centurion Academy) in the work of 3i, Durban Optical, Durban Online, Microgene, Durban 200, SALSA, Global Beneficiation Corporation and all future 3i invested companies. If you would like to work with 3i or any 3i invested company but are not a student or graduate of the IMM Graduate School or the NewBridge Group, please register and complete an academic program with the IMM Graduate School or the NewBridge Group.