About 3i

The only way to achieve a good quality of life is to have good quality psychological operations in your person.
- Avishkar Govender


Avishkar Govender is a world leader in political communications and more specifically in Psychological Operations Programming or PsyOps. While the majority of the political industry has focused on social media saturation, Avishkar Govender has focused on clone programming and has developed twelve proprietary telematics systems that defeat TREASON (“Déedéyt and No”), that defeat UNDERDECLARATION (“Tamndareet, Jërëjëf and One Million, Thank You”), that defeat CORRUPTION (“Dieuf Dieul and You Reap What You Sow”), that defeat CRIME (“Sohla Wouma Ndimbal Awmaloumay Ragal and I Seek No Protection From Sun”), that defeat DISHONESTY (“Liguèy Warifla and Work Is Salvation”), that defeat LAZINESS (“Liguèy Mbèktèla and Work is Adoration”), that defeat DEPRESSION and MANIA (Yaangi Noos? and Are you enjoying life?), that defeat ANXIETY and PARANOIA (Tahawal Fee and Stop Here), that defeat DISEASES (Mangi Dem and Goodbye), that defeat DISORDERS (Ndox and Water), that defeat ENFORCED OFFLINE STATUS (Dëkk and Live) and that defeat FICTITIOUS ONLINE STATUS (Gej Na La Giis and Long Time No See).



We have been doing business with Avishkar Govender since before he was born. Microgene is a natural extension of his prowess and abilities. Microgene is the natural choice for China and we are proud of our association with 3i.

- Xi Jinping

3i's Investments

Durban Optical

An integrated volume, value, demand and supply chain that enables Durban Optical to provide the highest quality and lowest cost eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare to its patients.

Durban Online

Primarily the ICT system and service for Durban Optical, with a focus on Data Centres and Data Integrity. Durban Online is positioned as a specialised informatics business. 


Microgene is an end to end clone making and clone programming business that complements 3i's proprietary technology for visual system programming perfectly, operating worldwide.

Avishkar Govender's Eight Sheiks

Avishkar Govender has worked for these eight sheiks all his life and is proud of his association with the people of Senegal. Today all over the world ordinary people are enabled by the blessings of these eight sheiks.

Avishkar Govender
Facilitator Eight Sheiks

Sharia and adherence to Sharia is the cornerstone of Sheik Ahmed Tijan's teachings. Of Moroccan origin, the Tijani Brotherhood is prominent in Senegal where it Sheik Ahmed Tijan is revered.

Ahmed Tijan
Ahmed Tijan Tijani Brotherhood

The first things that Avishkar Govender learnt were that Malik Sy holds the border between Benin and Togo, and that Malik Sy says that "Underdeclaration is a Crime". Sheik Malik Sy has taught Avishkar Govender how to live.

Malik Sy Cropped
Malik Sy Tijania Brotherhood

Avishkar's relationship with Sheik Ahmadu Bamba has led to the adoption of a philosophy of "Art, Work and Game" by the followers of Sheik Ahmadu Bamba. Art is is your craft, Work is your occupation and Game is your recreation. This produces a balanced and wholesome life.

Ahmadu Bamba Cropped
Ahmadu Bamba Muride Brotherhood

Avishkar Govender is closest to Sheik Ibra Fall and has learnt his craft of PsyOps from Sheik Ibra Fall's teachings of Work is Salvation and Work is Adoration. Avishkar Govender is a determined supporter of Baye Fall and its congregation.

Ibra Fall Cropped
Ibra Fall Baye Fall

There is no portrait of Sheik Muhamadu Laye, who is respected as the Grand Mahdi, and for this Sheik, Cleanliness and Honesty are the most important personal traits that a person can have. Sheik Muhamadu Laye is the founder of the Layen Brotherhood which is based in Dakar.

Muhamadu Laye and Issa Laye Cropped
Muhamadu Laye Layen Brotherhood

Sheik Issa Laye succeeded his father as Grand Mahdi, although his father called him the rebirth of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Sheik Issa Laye's fundamental teaching is that one should praise God at all times and in everything that one does.

Muhamadu Laye and Issa Laye Cropped
Issa Laye Layene Brotherhood

Sheik Abdul Qadir is known throughout the world for the "Wali Qutub" and his legacy is one of learning and spiritualism. The Qadiri Brotherhood is working throughout the world to secure peace and harmony for all humanity.

Abdul Qadir Cropped
Abdul Qadir Qadiri Brotherhood

There is no portrait of Sheik Abdul Razzaq, the son of Sheik Abdul Qadir, but his teachings of Divine Love and his continuation of the legacy of the teachings of his father have made him a firm favourite in the lives of many.

Abdul Qadir Cropped
Abdul Razzaq Qadiria Brotherhood