International Industrial Inventions


Our founder, Avishkar Govender, has set down the mission of International Industrial Inventions as being to lead the world in microelectronic device development and genetic engineering development. In pursuit of this agenda 3i has created Durban Optical, Durban Online and Microgene to realise this objective. In addition 3i has published numerous inventions that have in some cases brought long since dead persons back to life; while in other cases given new life to existing persons. The purpose of is to take the work of in a new direction, a direction which asks the question, "What happens after the internet of things and cloning are commonplace?". Please join us on this adventure.

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First Choice

Intelligence Services the world over make use of Microgene NIS the backbone of national intelligence systems and national intelligence services. With strong links to the Central Intelligence Agency and battle proven systems during the long war for freedom in theatres around the world, 3i has moved beyond warning the intelligence services of terrorist attacks to stopping terrorist attacks before they happen. In a personal context all of our units have maximum situational awareness at all times.


Individualism - Ayn Rand

If one wishes to advocate a free society — that is, capitalism — one must realize that its indispensable foundation is the principle of individual rights. If one wishes to uphold individual rights, one must realize that capitalism is the only system that can uphold and protect them. And if one wishes to gauge the relationship of freedom to the goals of today’s intellectuals, one may gauge it by the fact that the concept of individual rights is evaded, distorted, perverted and seldom discussed, most conspicuously seldom by the so-called “conservatives.” “Rights” are a moral concept — the concept that provides a logical transition from the principles guiding an individual’s actions to the principles guiding his relationship with others — the concept that preserves and protects individual morality in a social context — the link between the moral code of a man and the legal code of a society, between ethics and politics. Individual rights are the means of subordinating society to moral law. Every political system is based on some code of ethics. The dominant ethics of mankind’s history were variants of the altruist-collectivist doctrine which subordinated the individual to some higher authority, either mystical or social. Consequently, most political systems were variants of the same statist tyranny, differing only in degree, not in basic principle, limited only by the accidents of tradition, of chaos, of bloody strife and periodic collapse. Under all such systems, morality was a code applicable to the individual, but not to society. Society was placed outside the moral law, as its embodiment or source or exclusive interpreter — and the inculcation of self-sacrificial devotion to social duty was regarded as the main purpose of ethics in man’s earthly existence.

Microgene Divisions


Microgene is a focused clone making and clone programming business, that is devoted to expanding the scope of genetic engineering in all contexts and fields. Microgene is directly involved in zoological and botanical genetics as well.

Microgene Dynamics

Microgene Dynamics is the lead Microgene Division that is focused on the eyecare, visioncare and opticalcare industry and on the provision of healthy eyesight, healthy vision and healthy optics to patients.

Microgene CMS

Microgene Clients is the client management system and client management service of Microgene. From managing ordering systems and managing payment systems to ensuring perfect deliveries and customer satisfaction.

Microgene NIS

Microgene NIS is an already deployed operation that functions in every territory where there is a human population. Providing a backbone for national intelligence systems and national intelligence services worldwide.

Microgene Technologies

Long term clone making contracts in specific localities require the deployment of technology for clone making and clone programming all over the world, whether for our own use or for the use of a special client.

InfoComTech Online

Full service clone making and clone programming operation that makes this technology available in common parlance. Solving critical problems that people experience it also offers great value for money.

Royal Falcon

Middle Eastern mysticism is melded with strategic clone programming to give the effect of magic and alchemy with specialised puppeteering, programming and personation. The conflicts in the middle east necessitate this service.


Intelligence for Generations X, Y and Z with a specialised thinking technique for critical evaluation abilities. This clone programming system is dedicated to the young people whom are members of the internet of things already.


Cannabinol offers a synthesised state of being that is a direct replica of the state one experiences when having consumed Cannabis. However Cannabinol does not sell Cannabis or Cannabis products.



With 8 divisions, Microgene is able to deploy clone making and clone programming technologies anywhere in the world. Microgene is the first choice of the Russian Military for clone making and clone programming. I highly recommend their services.

- Vladimir Putin

Why 3i?

Years of Experience

Since 1990, Avishkar Govender has been working with all forms of microelectronic device development and genetic engineering development.

Team Of Experts

Avishkar Govender is connected to and involved with every single microelectronics device developer and genetic engineering developer the world over.


Avishkar Govender is capable of developing any sort of microelectronic device and developing any sort of genetic engineering with highly experienced precision.

Who is Avishkar Govender?

President of the Liberal Students of Durban, Federal President of the South African Liberal Students Association, Executive Director of the Young Liberals of Southern Africa and Auditor General of the Organisation of African Liberal Youth.

Avishkar Govender
2003 Senegal

Executive Director of the Thiru Valluvar Centre, Executive Director of the Political Constituency Training Centre Project, Executive Director of the Campaign for Corruption-Free Politics, Executive Director of Agenda2058 and Director of the Liberale Gesellsschaft.

2008 M&G Thought Leader

Proprietor of International Industrial Inventions, Proprietor of Durban Optical, Proprietor of Durban Online, Proprietor of Microgene, Chairman of the Durban 200 Tournament and Chairman of the Global Beneficiation Corporation.

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