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Avishkar is Invention

Inventive Venture Capital Firm

3i's principal resource is Avishkar, and more specifically Avishkar is Invention. In addition 3i has spent the last few decades perfecting clone making and clone programming allowing 3i to work throughout the world with ease, having access to powerful people and having access to problem solvers.


3i recently concluded a mammoth task for the Africa Union, reprogramming its relationship with the rest of the world. Africa is a significant power in the world, albeit without UNSC Veto powers and without nuclear weapons. However, Africa has something that the rest of the world doesn't... Avishkar.


Information regarding the progress of 3i's investments is published on the webpages of the client businesses. 3i believes in transparency and for this reason is an advocate for an open society. If you require specific information about a 3i project, please feel free to contact 3i with your queries.


3i is an Inventive Venture Capital Firm

3i is not interested in investing in businesses which intend to operate in saturated markets. For 3i to a take a project seriously, it has to be groundbreaking, it has to do something that no-one else is doing or is going to do. 3i is adept at negotiating with lawmakers and would rather introduce new legislation or amend existing legislation to enable a groundbreaking project than simply say "It can't be done!". This sets 3i apart from other venture capital firms who simply put-up money for a good idea and then expect miracles and tolerate excuses. All 3i investments are guaranteed to be profitable because they each solve critical problems in innovative manners. We welcome thought provoking propositions and are always willing to dig deep into Avishkar is Invention and the catalogue of new inventions that belong to Avishkar in order to create solutions and opportunities for entrepreneurs. The task of creating the future is daunting when you have to go it alone, but when working with 3i you are not alone, you have the world's foremost inventions at your disposal to solve the problems you encounter. We look forward to working with you.  

International Industrial Inventions is the world leader in Clone Making and Clone Programming. By marshalling all of our resources we are able to produce a better quality of humanity that is dedicated to doing good things and creating prosperous futures for all people.

Clone Engineering, Creation and Making for The Future

Clone Puppeteering and Programming for The Future

Clone Maintenance and Protection for the Future

How do you participate?

If you have identified a problem which exists and have an idea about what is the root cause of it, contact 3i and let us see if we can invent a solution for your problem that becomes a sustainable business for you to work in. We don't hand out money to startups based on replication and also rans. We are dedicated to breaking new ground with every investment that we make. So, if you are serious about your future, think carefully about what is wrong, and why it is wrong and contact 3i. We look forward to working with you.


Can we invent our way out of crisis?

Plant Trees

The most obvious thing to do is to plant a new tree every day wherever you can. Start in your garden, start at your school, start at your community centre. Plant trees that will grow tall and strong, invest in tomorrow's oxygen today.

Green Energy

Someone needs to decide whether nuclear power is a form of green energy and soon, if it is the world needs to look to nuclear power and more specifically clean and stable nuclear power as a solution to the world's energy crisis.


Tax regimes must encourage the research and development of new products and services by encouraging all taxpayers to contribute to research and development funds that invest in new product and service creation.


Education is the only long term and sustainable solution to the world's problems. For as long as education is a privilege, as it is for the majority of the world's people, humanity will not grow and develop to its full potential.

Recent Investments

Durban Optical Holdings
Durban Optical

Durban Optical Holdings (Pty) Ltd is focused on the professional provision of Eyecare, Visioncare and Opticalcare products and services throughout Durban.

Durban Online Holdings
Durban Online

Durban Online Holdings (Pty) Ltd is the dedicated Information and Communications Technologies service provider to Durban Optical Holdings (Pty) Ltd and all associated companies.

Microgene Dynamics

Microgene Dynamics (Pty) Ltd is the dedicated Clone Making and Clone Programming service provider to Durban Optical Holdings (Pty) Ltd and all associated companies.


SALSA Leadership Initiative (Pty) Ltd operates through which it provides the SALSA Leadership Training Program to Liberals and Liberal Politicians throughout the world.


The Global Beneficiation Corporation (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to infiltrating all industries and economies through prodigious Clone Programming for the achievement of Individual Freedom.

Durban 200

Durban 200 Tournament (Pty) Ltd exists to celebrate Durban's 200th Anniversary in 2024, by enabling the playing of every game with no rules between London and Durban and between Durban and London.